The Parent & Tot program is designed for skaters, ages 3 to 4, to be assisted by parents to learn to skate.


The goal of the Parent & Tot program is to allow skaters the opportunity to gain confidence on and off the ice with parent support. The goal is to work with the parent and skater to achieve independence on the ice as they work towards their Pre-CanSkate ribbon.


Participants learn to walk and gain balance with parent support.  Parent & Tot is not meant for the parents to carry around, support, or hold up their skaters for the whole session.  Parents are there to encourage their skater to try to do the things the coaches are instructing them to do on their own.

PLEASE NOTE:  All parents must wear skates and a CSA approved helmet.  

These sessions are taught in a group lesson format both on and off the ice by NCCP Nationally Certified Professional Coaches.

For tips to ensure you have the best experience in our Parent & Tot program, click Tips for Parent & Tot.